Weddings are happy celebrations or as some may put it, an occasion of a lifetime. Planning and making arrangements for a wedding involves a lot of thought, which includes choosing the right wedding colours. Of course! Most of the time the bride and the groom know what colour they really want. But if you don’t, then here’s a list of the top 5 wedding colours of 2019 that no one can resist! And that is true! These colours have been seen all around weddings this year, you can even call it the wedding colour trend. A wedding colour does not only depicts the decor of the reception but also plays an important role in every other aspect. The colour of the wedding invites, the wedding attire, the decor, the thematic setting, accessories, and so many other things that would just take too long to list them down.

So, get yourself on a comfy chair and scroll down, for you will find the 5 best wedding colours that no one can turn down. 

#1 Blush Pink 

Blush Pink is a colour that seems to have risen from the shadows and steal the limelight at many weddings! This colour was also seen on celebrity brides like Anushka Sharma. Blush Pink is a muted yet sophisticated colour that does not overpower the theme of a wedding. Adding this colour to your thematic scheme of invites, decor, accessories, outfits, etc gives the wedding a zing that is different from what people are usually accustomed to. If you are worried and wondering if this colour is very summer-like, don’t be! Despite seasonal changes, blush pink remains an all year colour that will look great on the bride, groom, and the whole occasion. Go on, try out an outfit or check out some decor, you will fall in love with it! 

#2 Deep Red 

The most traditional and sought after wedding colour is red. It symbolizes love and is a colour that many brides have worn over the years. So, it is not a surprise to see this colour mark itself in the wedding colour trend of 2019. In fact, a beloved Bollywood celebrity, Priyanka Chopra Jonas wore a lehenga of this exact colour; deep red to celebrate her wedding! Although this colour has depth, it provides a sense of excitement and enhances the elegance of the wedding. The colour of love is one of the most seen wedding colours this year. Not only do the outfits look stunning, but the decor designs, invitations, and even the table pieces look so incredible! Red is a colour that may be chosen most often. But it’s a colour that can never go wrong! 

#3 Summer Yellow 

Although this article talks about wedding colours of 2019, here’s the all-time- favourite summer colour! If you are specifically looking to tieing the knot during the summer this colour is perfect! An unconventional colour such as yellow may seem too out of the box but can be used exceptionally. Having this as your wedding colour opens up the possibility of various tones for your wedding dress, the decorations, the freshness and lightness of your wedding. Yellow is such a vibrant, citrusy colour that gives it a zest to your wedding. Adding a touch of floral too, in your wedding along will only enforce the energetic vibe of the colour! Rest assured, if you do choose this colour; your guests are going to be surprised and will surely appreciate how different, stylish, and creative your wedding truly is. 

#4 Perfect Peach 

A colour that is also the most sought after wedding colours this year is Peach! You might be thinking, how could this colour be incorporated at your wedding? Well, here’s how you can make the best use of Peach! It is subtle but pretty and can definitely up the wedding style quotient by 100%! The colour peach with a background or touch of gold will make your wedding so glamorous and stunning that it will leave your guests eyes popping out of disbelief and excitement! The options and varieties of clothes and decor available are many because this colour is something most people tend not to use. So you have a great selection of items! If you plan to have an outdoor wedding Peach is the wedding colour you have to go for! It will definitely be spectacular.

#5 Ivy Green 

Choosing ivory green as your wedding colour would make it a very vibrant choice for 2019. It is a royal colour that would look incredible as a wedding theme. If you want to go for a rustic yet bold palette this is definitely the colour to choose. The wedding outfits that have this colour now, are extremely gorgeous to resist. This colour sure is very different from what people may expect. But it is also a colour that is not to be ignored. Including this colour to your wedding scheme can enhance the statement of it. If you are a person who is simplistic, modern, yet traditional this colour will go extremely well with your wedding idea and your personality! So, do not think twice, go ahead and try it out for yourself! 

Photo by: Rohan Mishra Photography (www.rohanmishraphotography.com)

Choosing the perfect wedding colour can be tricky. So make sure to use the 5 best colours listed above at your wedding! These wedding colours are different, beautiful, and perfect for 2019! So, if you are getting married this year, you know which 5 colours to look up and check it out for yourself

Article Source https://www.weddingwishlist.com/wedding-board/wedding-colours/


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