Reasons Why Witnessing Indian Wedding Should be in Your Bucket List

Reasons Why Witnessing Indian Wedding Should be in Your Bucket List

There are weddings and then there are Indian weddings, and it makes hell lot of a difference when you get to be the part of them. No offence, but Indian wedding are so much cooler and happening than any other wedding you’d be part of in the whole wide world – there is plenty of singing and dancing (all thanks to our Bollywood connection); there are all shades of colours you could possibly name; and then there are celebration and ceremonies that go on and on like forever; and you ask if it gets tiring? Well of course it does, but then for the kind of fun experience the Indian wedding offers, it is truly worth it. Here are some convincing reasons why you must once in a lifetime attend/be part of an Indian wedding.

Culture Bank

Every Indian wedding reflects the culture of the country, which means, attending a wedding in India is like exploring a part of the country. From traditional food to attires to rituals, you get to savour everything in the Indian wedding extravaganza and it is tonnes of fun because you’d be the guest and will be treated in the most special way with the transport arrangements all done right, accommodation being pre-booked and a great food menu selected in advance to offer you the best of Indian cuisine. All in all, your experience of attending an Indian wedding will be about witnessing the warmest of all hospitality and a large part of country’s culture.

Interesting Rituals and Traditions

The plethora of rituals make Indian weddings quite special. Right from applying of turmeric on the faces of the bride and bridegroom to the hiding of shoes of the groom by the bride’s sister/s, there are endless number of interesting and unique rituals and traditions in an Indian wedding that you are likely to enjoy wholeheartedly.

An Endless Food Fare

There is no denying, Indians love to eat and prepare some fancy and flavoursome dishes. And what’s the best time to give all these delicacies a try? Of course, the wedding time when the hosts prepare the best of the region along with the popular dishes in India to treat their guests with an unsurpassed gastronomic experience. After all, food is an essential part of any Indian wedding, trust me, it is also one of those things that the guests gossip about post attending a wedding in India. Your options begin from savouries served as starters (both veg and non-veg) to main course that will deal with some 50 different dishes or more and then a round desserts that again will be pretty high in number. So, it wouldn’t be an overstatement if I say that an Indian wedding is practically a food tour.

Variety of Colours

You must be well-acquainted with Indians love for colours, and the Indian wedding will be the proof of it. If you are coming from the western countries where you are used to the White Weddings, let me tell you that an Indian wedding will be truly a visual treat for you with men and women wearing clothes of such colours you might not even know the name of, but together they all look fabulous (period). And the jewellery ohhhh, you’d fall in love with it, since there is a decorative piece for almost all body parts i.e head, forehead, ears, neck, waist, feet, and arms; the elegance is something you’d become a fan of.

Impromptu Events

Indian weddings are full of eventful and sometimes not so eventful experiences, and you have to have a funny bone to deal with all this, because no matter what happens at the Indian wedding, it ends in complete peace and harmony. I mean what are your odds of watching the drunk uncle (bride’s or groom’s) picking up a fight with the caterer because the pieces of paneer (cottage cheese) in the curry are less. Yes, that is likely to happen at an Indian wedding and also impromptu dances are quite common, over all, you’d be in for a lot of surprises, so be prepared.

Longer Celebration

Ceremonies in Indian weddings go on for months, and that is the beauty of this grand affair. It is true that the last three days of the wedding undoubtedly are the most exciting ones, but the ceremonies preceding these have their own charm as these mini celebrations keep everyone excited. What I think the best part of the long celebration is the time families and friends get to spend together. India like other countries now have accepted the concept of nuclear family, and now the only excuse one has to meet the relatives is either festival celebration or a wedding. Therefore, long duration of celebrations gives the loved ones enough time to be together and recreate the bond.

Local Experience

We have already discussed how the weddings in India are the reflection of the culture of the country. So just to add to that point, I’d say Indian weddings are perfect to learn about a particular culture in detail. Yes, from what is eaten in a specific region to which is the popular dance form, you’d learn all the little details, and trust me it is such a satisfying feeling. The best part is, you don’t have to wander from place to place to get all this information, it always comes to you when you attend an Indian wedding. You can simply enjoy the comfort of your couch or the discomfort of the mat sometimes, to learn tiny details of one of the richest/rarest cultures in India!

Truly a wedding in India is your best bet to relish the finest of the country and guess what, the happiness is contagious! Do let me know what you think of this blog and also if I have missed out on something that should be in the list, in the comment section below. You can also share your best Indian wedding experiences with us, we’d love to hear about them too.

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