Joan Crawford said, “I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser” and we couldn’t agree more. Having perfect hair on your wedding day(s) is truly the name of the game when it comes to your overall look. It is kind of dicey though, figuring out a hairstyle that not just suits your outfit and compliments your face cut but is also super chic and “very this season”. You’re the bride and you ought to be anything but basic and that’s the reason we’ve curated the best bridal hairstyles for every kind of bride!

So here’s a list of the best bridal hairstyles you could opt to choose from this wedding season to take your hair game onto a whole new level: 

1. For the Haldi: 

The first of many, the Haldi ceremony calls for something that looks rather effortless, yet fashionable. Since it’s more mellow than the other functions, you don’t necessarily have to go full-on vogue, if you know what I mean. Nonetheless, even a breezy, “I woke up like this” hair-do takes more effort than you would assume. Recommended bridal hairstyles for your Haldi ceremony:  

Short Hair: 

#1. Layer me good

Who said short hair can’t be well-layered? The bouncy hairdo looks especially appealing if you have bangs and is just about perfect for this day-time celebration.

#2. The Hair pinned to one side

The hairdo literally reads smooth fashionista. Pin the front of your hair up with a sparkly barrette for a sweet look that compliments the whole Haldi ceremony vibe while adding that extra bit of sparkle. 

Medium to Long hair: 

#1. The effortless up-do

This has got to be one of the easiest yet rather upbeat hairstyles most suited for your Haldi ceremony. Bonus points if you happen to have bangs. (be prepared to SLAY) Plus with all your hair tied up, you’re less likely to get the turmeric paste all over it. Say hello to the definition of a fun bun!

#2. The preppy pony

A clean high ponytail is just what you need to get that vibrant look that compliments your daytime attire. Besides, the hairdo does a pretty great job flaunting your back if your outfit has a deep cut. (Wink) 

#3. Flower Crown Fish Braid

Increasingly popular, the loose braid with a tiara hairdo is perfect for a wedding ceremony that demands a bright and airy attire, such as this.

2. For the Mehendi & Sangeet: 

More often than not, the Mehendi and Sangeet take place one after the other on the same day. In this case, you probably ought to be looking for something more light and breezy but of course, appealing at the same time. Ditching buns as your go-to hair-do is a good idea considering you’re already going through the torture of sitting down for hours getting your Mehendi done after which you’re going to be dragged on to the dance floor for some “obviously not pre-planned OR rehearsed” Bhangra moves. You must aim for something exquisite but also snug at the same time. Stunner bridal hairstyles for your Mehendi & Sangeet ceremony: 

Short, Medium and Long Hair

#1. Chic away(ve)

Textures and voluminous messy waves are everywhere these days- mostly in Hollywood but largely a wedding favorite too! If you want to keep things simple and not take major risks with your hairdo – this has got to be your go-to hairstyle. 

#2. Romantic soft waves

Elegant and sophisticated, soft waves are as glamorous as the messy ones if not more. 

#3. Twisted Textured Braids

Straight out of a fairytale book, half-up twisted and textured braids look truly alluring. (especially if you have golden brown streaks). They work perfectly, complementing the whole Mehendi/sangeet attire and vibe too. 

3. For the Cocktail Party: 

The wedding cocktail party is probably the only ceremony that calls for a spiffy western hair-do that doesn’t have to abide by your traditional outfit norms. Moreover, ‘tis the ceremony to flaunt your moves in a floorshow and let loose in between the rest of the wedding chaos plus jittery feelings about the upcoming D-day. Hairstyles that instantly up your bridal cocktail outfit’s glamour quotient: 

Short Hair: 

#1. The sticky slick

Fabulously fresh and still very glamorous, the short slick back never goes out of style- especially if you plan on going full shimmer with your cocktail party outfit. 

#2. The Shortie

Whoever said ponytails are only meant for longer hair is about to be proven wrong. Minimalistic and fresh- the short ponytail has made it to runways of late too. 

Medium to Long Hair: 

#1. The Toss and Tie

The power of a perfect ponytail is quite underrated. When it comes to wedding cocktail parties, glam is non-negotiable but so is dancing! So tie ‘em up for comfort white still absolutely flaunting those textured bouncy pigtails. 

#2. The “No biggie” Ponytail

If you’re the kind of bride who wants to go with a rather laid back vibe and not be so very prim and proper, but at the same time make a style statement- This straight no-fuss hairdo has got to be your go-to. 

4. For the Pheras (Main wedding day): 

And for the most important of all ceremonies AKA the final D-Day. Most Indian wedding day outfits include what is commonly referred to as the ghoonghat that covers the bride’s head (and in some cases, her face too). A magnificent hair bun or a braid complement the attire and nothing else could do better justice to your outfit- — be it a Lehenga or a Saree. This is, of course, if you go with the right choices. A good hairstylist can easily transform even short hair into a natty up-do quite smoothly, actually. Bridal hairstyles most-suited for your Phera ceremony: 

Short, Medium and long hair: 

#1. The power puff bun

A combination of a textured puff and classic hair bun can honestly do wonders. Add gajra flowers to give it that extra traditional touch and voila!  

#2. The texture play 

Textured buns that include braided twists look dazzling when you have streaked hair. With the right accessories, you can go full-on dramatic with this classic.

#3. Fishtail braid with a twist 

There is always the option of a braid if you want to ditch the cliche dramatic bun. A simple hairstyle such as this with a mathapatti makes for the most elegant naga jadai (A type of tradition braid) that truly never runs out of style. Recommended for brides opting for a saree attire instead of a lehenga.

5. For the Reception: 

Wedding receptions are parties thrown for the successful completion of a celebration. It’s literally like an after-party of sorts. But more often than not, the ceremony might be excessively taxing for the couple if they’re required to do the whole “standing on stage to take a gazillion photographs” drill. Your hairdo for one does not have to add to this humdrum, but this doesn’t mean it can’t look fabulous any which ways. Whether you’re going full-on traditional or prefer a more modern evening gown attire, following are bridal hairstyles for your wedding reception that are sure to turn heads: 

Short, Medium & Long hair: 

#1. The half-up dutch fishtail braid

Your reception hair could not get any more graceful than the half-up dutch that is sure to give you some major princess feels and make you feel light and breezy all at once!

#2. The Swept-back Half up Half Down

The swept-back looks have been gaining popularity because of how very elegant they look and suit any kind of wedding theme- be it vintage, traditional or even kind of rustic. 

Long Hair: 

#1. The Pin and Flow 

Weaved waves look devastatingly beautiful when pulled back and pinned up. The style flows down your neck and bounces off your shoulders in a natural organic way that looks truly admirable. Curly hair goals much?

Here’s a list of the best hairstylists that you could at least take inspiration from for best bridal hairstyles!

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