Every function during the wedding process is equally important and grandly celebrated, so as to be remembered for a lifetime. A mehendi function is one of the most sought after and happiest functions from the bride’s side. There is a lot of music, masti, mehendi and of course, wedding gifts involved! Now, apart from the fun vibes and the function itself, another way you can make your mehendi celebration a memorable evening is to have giveaways or give return gifts to your guests. The best thing is that the mehendi giveaway wedding gift does not have to be extremely fancy or expensive. It can be quirky, fun, unexpected but it must be practical.

Here are some of the things that would make the best wedding gifts for your mehendi giveaways!

#1 Candles and Diyas

The presence of light is always a sign of goodness, be it in any aspect of light. Making candles or diyas as the mehendi wedding return gift to your guests would be symbolic as well as practical. The use and need for candles or diyas in a household are never unused. To amp up the spirit of the occasion, you can choose cute and quirky designs that will add on to the fun element of your wedding. You can find a variety of choices here, all you have to do is select which ones you love the most! 

#2 Scarves 

A scarf would be the most versatile and beautiful return wedding gift for a mehendi. There are so many different styles, designs, and colours that it is suitable for anyone. It is a thoughtful gift because it will be of use to your guests and also makes any outfit look great! Here are all the choices that will leave you squealing with joy! Go all out, it is your mehendi; it is your day! 

#3 Sari

In some traditions, a return wedding gift is a custom traditional sari. So if you want to include this as your mehendi giveaway go right ahead. We have a great number of choices of beautiful yet classic saris, you can have a look here! Giving a sari to your guests as a return gift is a simple and loving idea, it makes your function a little more special and personal. And a personal touch to a return gift always goes an extra mile. 

#4 Designed Boxes 

We have a range of pretty designed boxes, these boxes aren’t necessarily for jewellery but can be used for different purposes. You can give these as return wedding gifts to your guests with a little note inside making it personal and adding a very cute effect to it. These boxes are multi-purpose boxes and can be used for anything which makes it super practical for your guests as well. Cute and practical, doesn’t that sound like the perfect little gift for a mehendi? You can have a look here to decide which ones you want to add to your cart! 

#5 Hampers 

A common return wedding gift is hampers. These hampers can have dry fruits, chocolates, napkin sets, and so much more! We have a great variety of everything that may make your decision process a little slow but you will thoroughly enjoy it. Here is where you can find a range of options if you have a budget you want to stick to worry not because we have something for everyone. 

#6 Go Green

An Indian wedding function has a lot of glitz and glamour, taking into account eco-friendly decisions are very seldom. However, you can incorporate it into your wedding if you are a nature-loving person. As part of a wedding return gift for your mehendi, why not distribute saplings or bamboo or naturally made eco-friendly stuff. This will definitely be something that won’t be expected and out of the box. It will be adding on to the go-green initiative and will be the talk of the town. You can have a pick of your choices here, just know that the step begins with you 

#7 Potlis 

Potlis are as Indian as you can get, especially as a return wedding gift. The ethnic vibes and designs of the potlis make it the best perfect mehendi giveaway and something that your guests will surely love. The colour and design options are endless, the beauty of it will amp up the sparkle of the event and celebration. So, go ahead find the ones that you love from here and add them to your cart! 

#8 Shagun Envelopes 

Shagun as a return wedding gift is quite common in Indian weddings. However, you can choose a well-designed envelope that you can distribute among your guests from here! We know that every little detail matters at any wedding function, so you will not be disappointed with the style and design type of these envelopes! 

#9 Accessories

One can never go wrong with accessories, be it jewellery or an accessory box. It is always appreciated and loved, and adding it as your return wedding gift will remind your guests of your love-filled and happy celebration every time they wear or use the item. Here’s where you can find the best of the best accessory! We know you are going to love it.

#10 Silver and Copper 

Silver and Copper items can fall on a more expensive side but if this is a return wedding gift that you want for your mehendi then we have you covered! The range of products gives you the option to choose what kind of gift you want to give your guests and how beneficial it is to them. It is not just the benefits but also the overall aesthetic of the item that you should consider when making this a giveaway. Our special collection is here to cater to your requirements, so go ahead and peruse with all your heart! 

Return wedding gifts are small favours to your guests how happy and loved you feel for them to join and be a part of your life celebration. If you have any other ideas of what would be great giveaways, let us know in the comments below

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