What does the bride want most on her wedding day? To look her best, avoid drama and have a time to remember! While we can’t help the latter two, we can help the bride look her best! One of the ways that brides can look great on their wedding day, is by the way they drape their wedding saree. There are just so many ways of draping them that it can be a bit difficult to choose which one looks best. 

So, here are 9 ways you can drape your wedding saree this wedding season!

#1. The Mermaid Drape

This is a great style to show off your hour-glass figure and if you want an hourglass figure, this style should be your choice. Generally, the skirt part does not consist of pleats while the pallu is well-pleated. The saree is wrapped around like a skirt which manages to give you a sleek look. This is how a mermaid style saree looks like:

#2. Can-Can Skirt Saree

When you incorporate a Can-Can skirt with your saree, the pleats are generally at the back. The can-can skirt is a full-bodied garment that kind of looks like a ball gown which is generally in contrasting colour to the saree. A fan of ball gowns? This is the perfect way to incorporate it with your Indian bridal saree. Here’s a perfect can can saree look:

#3. The Deepika Padukone Drape

If there’s one millennial actress that can carry a saree really well is Deepika. We’ve seen her don the saree on various occasions. But one style that sets her apart is the regal look she donned in her Bangalore wedding reception. While the bridal saree is draped in the classic style, the pallu is left as is, without any pleats. Many also cinch one end of the pallu with accessories on their right wrist that truly gives a royal look. This is how this style looks:

#4. The Double Pallu Style

This is one of the most elegant and royal types of draping a saree. Any designer saree with dual-tone patterns will look amazing in the double pallu style. More than your wedding day, this style will look fabulous at your reception your cocktail/sangeet night. Cinch it at the waist with a Kamar bandh to show off your figure! This is how your double pallu saree look like:

#5. Banjaran Style

The Banjaran style can be of two types. It can be the Western Dhoti style and it can also be the one where the Pallu is really a shawl. In the shawl style, the saree is tied just like the classic style but the pallu instead of resting on the left shoulder, it rests on the right and is not well pleated. In the dhoti style, the saree is tied in the dhoti style and the pallu is taken from the pleats at your hip and is free-flowing. This is how the different styles of bridal saree look:

#6. The Gujju Style

Gujjus are known to have their unique take on everything from food to lifestyle. Similarly, they have their unique take on draping a saree. So, if you’re having a big gujju style wedding, you’ll probably want to have your bridal saree match it too! A heavily worked pallu looks best for this style. So, here’s how your gujju style draping saree will look like

#7. The Bengali Style

Just like the gujju style, for a Bengali style also the pallu needs to have a lot of embroidery and handwork. The Bengali style saree is white/cream with red. But if you are not really opting for the traditional saree, you can still make it work draping the Bengali way. So, here’s how your Bengali style saree will look like:

#8. Marathi Style

Ever seen Sonam Kapoor in her Dhoti Style Saree? This is definitely the inspiration behind that. Kasta saree, despite what movies portray are embodiments of women’s freedom. Just like a dhoti, the saree allowed for free range of movements and in the ancient times, women even fought wars in this style of draping. A great choice for your Marathi wedding! So, here’s how a typical Marathi style drape looks like:

#9. The Classic Drape

It’s the ‘normal’ way to drape your saree, most often found in the South. Brides in the south generally prefer to drape their bridal saree this way and accessorize it with a Kamarband that makes the saree look just perfect. The way the ladies in the South accessorize is also way different than the ladies in the North. They have a lot more gold jewellery than anything else. So, here’s how a typical classic South Indian drape will look like:

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