Indian Wedding Summer Colour Palette’19 Willow Green

Indian Wedding Summer Colour Palette’19: Willow Green

The colour Green is a great source of balancing nature. Flaunt its hues this wedding season for a sophisticated approach.

What comes on your mind when you think of the colour green? It is indeed something soothing, earthy and refreshing. The colour green has been considered as the symbol of growth, rebirth and fertility since ages. Not only this, but it also represents health, nature and the environment. Although considered to be a colour of good luck, some say green brings bad luck. Probably this is the reason you may not see many green race cars on race tracks. Enough said about the importance of green in general, now let’s talk about its value in weddings.

 Invitations and Flower Arrangement:

These are the most discussed during wedding planning. Invitations and the flower arrangements both should be very pleasing and eye-catching. Everyone loves pastels! A combination of pastel green or mint green with pastel or blush pink is perfection. Think of pink blush rose with a tint of mint green to the leaves in the flower arrangements. Mesmerizing, right? This blend can be used in wedding invitations and gift boxes as well along with some other pastel shades. Emerald green and grey is a royal blend. It is striking and can be used in invitations.

 Wedding Attire:

The wedding dresses are the centre of attention of every wedding. Either lehngas or wedding gowns, both should be glamorous and posh. To everyone’s surprise, mint green is the most loved colour by our brides when it comes to choosing their attire. The look can be enhanced with a pastel pink gota or embroidery on the fabric. Going all emerald on your wedding dress creates the perfect royal look. Many Sabhyasachi brides wear complete emerald-coloured attire. For wedding gowns, you can go with kale green as well.

 Wedding Jewellery:

Wedding Jewellery is the garnishing and the most important for dolling up the bride. Emerald stones in the jewellery look very stunning on every type of jewellery and give a stunning look. Either it is bridal mathapati, oversized tikka, maharani necklace, bridal choker, rings, nathni (nose ring), hath phool, jhoomkas (earrings), bajuband (arm band), or kamarbandh (waist band), emerald stones added in them are mere perfection. Green crystals can also be used in the jewellery as they look flawless.

 Wedding Cake:

This is the most argued topic during weddings and receptions. The flavour, the design, the dressing, etc. are well debated. Oh! What a calm allure does a pastel green wedding cake has. When it comes to wedding cakes, a lot of combinations and tricks can be done. You can always select an overall pastel green fondant with off-white roses. Lime green gives an appropriate tacky look to the wedding cake.


Since the colour creates a great balance in nature, it will be a treat for all your guests to see themselves getting soaked in the serenity of this shade. You can undoubtedly go for this hue in your wedding decor this Summer and thank us later!

So, after all this discussion, my favourite combination for this wedding month will be mint green and pastel pink. What will be yours? Write it down in the comments section below.

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