Business travel show to look at ethical travel

The Business Travel Show has announced the topics that will be discussed at the 2020 show.With sessions range from the fundamentals of travel management to evolving travel technologies, and from green initiatives and traveller-wellbeing to the future of business travel.

Topics include:

What corporate travel technology will look like in 2025 – and how to prepare for it’. This session will take a look at how technology drives change in travel management, and how digitisation, AI, bots, blockchain and more could have an impact on how programmes run in the future.

‘Make traveller wellbeing a reality in your business’. Here speakers and delegates will be able to discuss how traveller wellbeing improves corporate productivity and reduces risk, how to progress from awareness to practical improvements, and how to get backing from senior management.

‘Forecasting Forum 2020 – the travel price and risk outlook for the next 12 months’. In this session, those in attendance will be looking at what will happen to air and hotel pricing in the ahead, what and where the major risk hotspots are likely to be, and what travel managers should be considering for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

‘NDC – taking the first steps to reality’. Here the New Distribution Capabilities will be discussing the breakthroughs and challenges face, and how this alternative approach to distribution could change the fares and services that attendees access.

‘Is it time to introduce an ethical travel programme?’. This session aims to highlight how companies are beginning to re-think how their business travel affects the environment and human rights, how travel managers can help their companies become more socially responsible, and whether or not an ethical travel programme can exist.

The Business Travel Show 2020 will take place from 26-27 February, at Olympia London.

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