The Trendiest Mandap Decor For The Summers of ’19.

The Trendiest Mandap Decor For The Summers of ’19.

This mandap has glass framework. We know it reminds everyone of magical movies when we think about it. It is totally worth all the appreciation that it has been given. Moreover, its popularity is growing every day.

Palazzo Mandap:

It has the look of the palazzos that you wear. Its unique shape is what makes it so desirable and is loved by couples getting married. Adding some lights inside its framework gives a very beautiful look to it.

Complete Floral Mandap:

Floral designs are loved in the wedding industry.  Either it is the attire or the wedding decor, florals are in everywhere! This is the reason why many pairs go for a complete floral mandap for their big day.

Hanging Kaleera Mandap:

Kaleera is the special hanging worn by the bride with a bangle. It is something that is very close to the bride’s heart. Many people these days hang the kaliras over the mandap. This is one of a kind and very elegant mandap.

Under the Tree Mandap:

What else place is best than nature’s lap to start your new journey? The under the tree mandap have become the talk of everyone’s mouth these days. It can be seen at house weddings mostly. The tree can be decorated to give it a mandap look.

Wooden Frame Mandap:

Wooden mandap decorated with creepers or some flowers has become surprisingly popular these days. It has a simple yet a very pleasing allure to it that makes it so loved by people. It goes with subtle wedding decor and not something very bright.

Chandelier Mandap:

Either big or small, chandeliers give an out of the box look to your mandap no matter what its size is. Many wedding families these days are going for chandelier decoration in their mandap. It can be paired with simple drapes or flowers.

All-White Mandap:

White is a colour that gives so much peace even when we look at it. So it is a very good idea to go for a complete white mandap for your wedding. White flowers or drapes give this look which is very pleasing to the eye.

Floating Mandap:

This setup is preferred by people that have destination weddings or are getting married at a location with a pool. It is for the people who love water and want to get married by water by their side. Sounds quirky, but this mandap is very demanding these days.

Circular Mandap with Drapes and flowers:

Why go for the ordinary square look when you can try out something totally different. Circular Mandaps have a very classy look and its trend is increasing day by day. It is worth all the popularity people!

These were our ideas on the mandap decor that will be the best for the summers of 2019. Comment your favourite down below.

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