Registration companies address shift in exhibitor lead capture

EN’s latest roundtable in association with Akkroo tackled the growing demand by exhibitors wanting to use their own lead capture software and how the industry can work better together to meet this demand. During the debate, held at the Victory Services Club on Wednesday, IBM’s global event attendee tracking manager highlighted that demands by large brands at events is changing and this change is mainly fuelled by a shift in generational requirements. Representatives from Livebuzz, Reftech, Visit by GES as well as Informa, Reed, Media 10 and Raccoon were at the event.

Saul Leese, editor on EN said: “This was a really interesting event to host and I want to personally thank everyone who attended. This is the first time we’ve done live feeds with exhibitors while we debate and it’s incredibly interesting to hear from a company like IBM that organise hundreds of events globally. What is clear from the roundtable is that there is a shift in the way larger exhibiting companies operate and how they want to use lead capture and data at events. I was encouraged by how open the debate was and that every company there had something important to contribute.”

See the extensive feature in the January issue of Exhibition News with comments from everyone present.

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