#BridalDiaries: Silly Mistakes Every Bride Makes With Her Wedding Look

#BridalDiaries: Silly Mistakes Every Bride Makes With Her Wedding Look

You have been planning your wedding look for quite some time now — hunting your dream lehenga, settling on suitable jewellery, booking the best makeup artist and what not! There’s clearly not a single aspect of your wedding look that has gone unnoticed or unattended from your end. But somehow, even after all the planning & preparations, things just don’t fall in place how they were supposed to be. We often see a lot of brides struggling with their makeup choices, ill-fitted outfits & bridal hairstyles till the last minute, perhaps further compromising with their wedding day look. But worry not, we won’t let that happen to you! 

Down here, we’ve listed some of the most common mistakes that most of the brides commit with their wedding day look, but you should not. Read carefully and make sure you pay attention to every single detail of your wedding day look diligently!

Common Mistakes Every Bride Makes With Her Wedding Look

1. Trying an overdramatic makeup look

We know how overwhelming it is going to get for you to try an experimental, overdramatic makeup look on your D-day. But tbh, asking your makeup artist to turn you into an altogether new person on your wedding day doesn’t seem like a great idea. No, we don’t mean that you should steer clear of experimenting with your look. But definitely stick to keeping your look as natural as possible. Your look should define YOU!

2. Not taking enough trials

Who wants to slip into their bridal outfit only to find it out how ill-fitted it is or for that matter, wear makeup that doesn’t even go with their vibe? Nobody, for sure! But a lot of brides often end up doing the same. Do you know why? Because they never take their trials seriously. Missing out on your outfit & makeup trials and procrastinating it till the last minute is only going to land you up into panic-stricken moments. So, never put it at the backseat!

3. Swearing by dark & bold lips

When you have such yummy nude shades and the popping reds for your bridal lip colour, why look for anything else? You can keep those dark, wine & terra cotta shades for some other occasion. They’re too ‘out-there’ and can become the sole highlight in your bridal portraits. However, you can still risk it if you have the confidence to carry it off. 

4. No sync between your bridal outfit & jewellery

Your wedding lehenga and your bridal jewels go hand in hand. Which is why they need to be well-coordinated and synchronised to ace a pleasing wedding look. Say if you’re opting for a zero neckline embellished blouse and a full spread collar necklace, they’ll never fit together. However, if you either go easy with the blouse embellishments & pick a plain blouse (like Deepika did) or simply opt for a v-neck or a sweetheart blouse neckline, it’s all sorted. In case you choose to buy your jewellery later, you can always pick it according to your blouse neckline, the colour of the attire, face shape & other important factors.

5. Not picking suitable flowers for your floral bun!

Floral buns are inarguably one of the most preferred bridal hairstyles. We always keep spotting new brides experimenting with it. But at the same time, we also keep seeing them complaining of how it leaves them with an aching head by the end of the day. And that’s because they don’t choose their flowers wisely! Your big day is going to be a long, tiring one and to not get bogged down by the weight of your floral hairdo, pick flowers that are lightweight & elegant. Baby’s breath, orchids & carnations are way lighter and can make for your top picks. 

6. Caking up your face

One of the biggest mistakes brides make with their wedding look is lathering their face with layers & layers of foundation. Even though they do it on purpose to hide all those pesky blemishes, blackheads and dark circles, it does them no good but hamper their wedding day look. After a few hours of application, those layers of foundation start to crack & even melt because of sweat, leaving your face all sticky & worn-out.

7. Opting for heavy lashes & heavier hair extensions

With already 30 kilos of lehenga & heavy bridal jewels to weigh you down, having more elements that will cause you fatigue is not a great idea. Of course, those bushy lashes and long hair extensions can add oodles of charm to your wedding look. But they will also add a lot of weight to your already decked up look. So, be practical and steer clear of unnecessary elements that cause you any sort of discomfort.

8. High Heels Blues!

If truckloads of discomfort and a couple of shoe bites are not something you want on your wedding day, keep your high heels at rest. There will already be a lot on your platter to take care of. So, stick to a relatively comfortable footwear instead. If you still want to wear one, opt for those comfortable block heels or platforms instead.

9. Missing out on your emergency kit

While prepping up for your bridal trousseau, don’t forget to equip a small emergency bridal kit with a bunch of makeup essentials, bobby pins, facial tissues, sanitary pads, band-aids and other important stuff for the wedding day. You might need it to touch-up your makeup or deal with any last-minute hassles on your wedding day.

10. Going too matchy-matchy!

Red lips, red lehenga, red blouse, red dupatta, red footwear; basically overdose of red! Is that how you imagine yourself on your big day? We hope not! Even though there’s no harm in wearing matching stuff, it’s always better to include contrasting elements like golden embellishments, a different coloured dupatta, emerald jewels & other contrasting elements.

11. Stressing way too much!

For all that stress ultimately shows on your face, making you look super-conscious and fatigued. You definitely don’t want to ruin your wedding pictures. So, stay confident, happy and your cheery best. This way you’ll not only be able to make for a beautiful bride but also get great pictures on your wedding day. 

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