Europa Showfreight launches MBX Service

International exhibition logistics firm, Europa Showfreight, a dedicated division of the  independent logistics provider Europa Worldwide Group,has announced the launch of its premium Showfreight Money Back Express (MBX) service.

Europa Showfreight is offering its MBX service. This service will provide customers with a full refund of freight charges if Europa fails to deliver by the agreed transit time. The business has introduced the service in order to demonstrate their confidence in the reliability and quality of its services.

If Europa fails to deliver a shipment before the opening of an exhibition, MBX will ensure that the customer receives a full refund of freight charges.

Operations manager at Europa Showfreight, Paul Brady, said: “We’re delighted to be able to introduce the MBX service into the Europa Showfreight division. Offering a money-back guarantee could be perceived as high risk but we know our business and we have the utmost confidence in our quality of service. MBX provides real peace of mind to our customers where timings are exacting and the consequences of failure are significant.

“The teams guarantee to deliver in time for the start of exhibition displays the complete confidence in our service and we can only offer this because of transparency & efficiency that is brought with using our own logistics network.”

In 2017, Europa Road launched its own MBX service. It received great interest from customers, with the number of bookings increasing by more than 50 per cent within a year.

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