Moda 2020 launches new feature

Moda will launch neighbourhoods for their 2020 show, which will replace sectors with neighbourhoods on the floorplan.

Each neighbourhood providing a space for each section of the industry and hosting a line-up of micro-communities for footwear, accessories and womenswear labels alongside footwear suppliers and manufacturers.

Event Director of Moda, Adam Gough, said: “When it came to brainstorming our 2020 theme and direction, the first thing that sprung to mind was community. With a new decade approaching, we wanted to bring our focus back to the faces behind the brands, collections, stores and build on their stories. The new Neighbourhoods will reflect that community and our Moda manifesto which positions fashion as an outlet of self-expression and a sense of belonging – a community of individuals collaborating, innovating and inspiring one another.”

The Moda Woman neighbourhood

Moda Woman aims to be a hub for womenswear buyers and brands to meet, network and discover. The Moda Woman neighborhood will host many different styles, from occasion-wear to everyday outfits.

The Moda Accessories neighborhood

Set next to Moda Woman, Moda Accessories brings together all different types of accessories from both UK and international brands.

The Moda Footwear neighbourhood

The Moda Footwear Neighbourhood will host a line-up of men’s, women’s and children’s footwear collections. Specialist footwear buyers and brands from the UK will be in attendance. Within the neighborhood, there will be a dedicated space for children’s footwear, called Little Soles, and a Men’s Boutique highlighting men’s footwear.

The Moda Footwear Sourcing neighborhood

Celebrating its official launch in 2020, Moda Footwear Sourcing aims to bring the entire footwear supply chain together all in one place.

Moda will take place at NEC Birmingham on 23–25 February 2020.

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