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CIEFAIR 2020 China

September 23 @ 10:00 am - September 25 @ 6:00 pm

CIEFAIR 2020 China

CIEFAIR 2020 China – China (Shenzhen) International Internet and E-commerce Expo is amongst the most prominent expos for Internet and E-commerce sector. After the organization of four successful previous events, CIEFAIR 2020 is back with its innovation driven 6th edition. Many exhibitors and visitors from all over the world will get an unique platform to exchange the ideas and technologies and invention on one stage. The upcoming event is scheduled from 23 – 25 September, 2020, which will be held in hall number 6 and 7 at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Different rounds of panel discussions and relevant conferences will also be organized, where experts will discuss the latest ideas, inventions and innovations has been made in the Internet and E-commerce sectors. Today, it is almost next to impossible to imagine the world without internet, all kinds of work can be done just by the touch of a button. In this scenario CIEFAIR 2020, will bring all the great minds altogether under one roof, where new innovations and technologies will displayed by the exhibitors. This upcoming edition of CIEFAIR 2020, will be hosted by People’s Government Of Shenzhen Municipality, whereas the organizers for the The 6th China (Shenzhen) International Internet and E-commerce Expo will be Shenzhen Logistics And Supply Chain Management Association along with Shenzhen Cross-border E-Commerce Supply Chain Association.

“A premier B2B trade exhibition focusing on E-commerce solutions”

China (Shenzhen) International Internet & E-commerce Expo proudly establishes itself as front runner in franchising and retailing industries as well as Internet & Startups, Logistics & Transportation industries. This event revolves around services such as internet entertainment, social media, social commerce, to that of cloud computing, big data, Saas, IDC associated with this field and much more covering internet and startups sector. With emphasis on the Chinese and cross-border e-commerce, it helps improve the chains in Consumer Internet and Industrial Internet; innovative information technologies, for example, cloud computing, big data, and AI, boost the development of digital economy into a new era.

Comprehensive assistance to e-commerce decision-makers and management to find the solutions
High efficient matchmaking for e-commerce platforms, sellers and quality suppliers
Boosting foreign brands and service providers establishing a partnership with domestic enterprises

Exhibitors Profile
CIEFAIR 2020 China – After the four successive organization of previous successful editions of China (Shenzhen) International Internet and E-commerce Expo, a hike in the number of exhibitors are expected in the upcoming edition as well. Here exhibitors from across the world will get a global platform to showcase their latest applications, inventions and technologies.:

Cross-border e-commerce: Platforms, sellers, and service providers
CIEFAIR 2020 China – Import and export cross-border e-commerce products B2B matchmaking area: Exported manufacturers such as baby & pregnant care, cosmetic & beauty, luxury & jewelry, healthy food, apparel & costumes, Wine, pet supplies, home furnishing, consumer electronics, outdoors, toys and gifts; as well as imported brand owners and agents etc.
E-commerce service: E-logistics, express, logistics platform, e-commerce industrial parks, smart express cabinet, supply chain, internet finance, payment, marketing, training, consulting, trademark registration, insurance, tax, VAT, hosting, packaging, ERP & CRM etc.
Internet technology and software: Blockchain, big data, APP, integrated systems and solutions, communication and network services, digital tech, software and IT services, enterprise cloud, IDC, data security etc.
Intelligent Manufacturing: Smart Factories, 3D Printing, AI, IoT, Robot, Unmanned Technology, Industrial Automation, AR & VR etc.

Visitors Profile
Manufacturers, factories (Brand Owners & OEM)
(China domestic, cross-border, and vertical) E-commerce platforms, sellers, and service providers
FMCG, retailing enterprises, supermarkets, shopping malls, retailers, distributors, wholesalers
CIEFAIR 2020 China – Enterprises from security, engineering machinery, industrial automation, machine, automotive, building materials
Foreign trade import / export enterprises & agencies, foreign affairs organizations etc.
Internet technology enterprises such as big data, cloud, IoT, system software
Service industries such as dining & restaurants, medical, tourism, advertising, culture and education, transportation, entertainment service etc.
Venture capitals, investors, financial organizations such as bank and insurance

Exhibit Profile

1. Cross-border e-commerce and comprehensiveforeign trade services: Cross-border e-commerce platform, sellers and serviceproviders ( such as logistics, supply chain services, payment, training,consulting, finance and taxation, marketing, packaging, software, trademarkregistration, etc.), comprehensive foreign trade services (such as customsdeclaration and inspection, financing, tax refund, credit insurance,warehousing and distribution, etc.)

2. Products Selection of Import & Export Cross-bordere-commerce: 3C products / consumer electronics / electronic appliances /outdoor products / toys and gifts / household daily necessities / clothing,shoes, bags and other export manufacturers etc.

3. IoTs and AI: 5G, IoTs, AI, big data, cloud,blockchain, unmanned technology, Internet of vehicles, smart city, industrialautomation, etc.

4. Industrial Internet and communication:telecommunication operation and value-added business services, systemintegration and comprehensive solutions, network technology facilities andequipment, chips and components, industrial Internet software / platform /solutions, IDC, industrial Ethernet, industrial Internet identification,information collection system software, communication technology and products

Professional visitors from
1. (Domestic / Cross-border) e-commerce platformand sellers

2. Consumer electronics / home appliances / 3C /appliances

3. Import and Export foreign trade enterprises,foreign teams and foreign agencies

4. Retail, FMCG, food and beverage enterprises

5. Transportation, logistics, warehousing andsupply chain services

6. 5G, cloud, IoTs, unmanned technology, AI

7. Smart devices, Smart home, Smart wear

8. Restaurants, hotels, business services, entertainment,education and government affairs

9. Biological / medical / medical devices

10. Machinery / hardware / machine tool /building materials / lamps

11. Banks, insurance and other financialinstitutions

Advantages of CIEFAIR

1. Focus on the latest developments in the industry,deduce the style of the Internet industry: display global technologicalachievements, help Chinese traditional enterprises to open the era ofindustrial Internet, to make Chinese brands stand out globally.

2. Magnificent scale, Globalradiation: Held concurrently with the 15th China (Shenzhen) InternationalLogistics and Supply Chain Fair, massive resources throughout the industryupstream and downstream industrial chain, more than 140000 professional visits.

3. Build the professional andefficient face-to-face supply and demand docking platform: to solve thedifficulties for the operators and managers of enterprises, select high-qualityand all-round solution providers; to integrate resources, strengthen contactswith target buyers, and promote mutually beneficial cooperation betweenenterprises.

4. High-level precise docking activities: leadingenterprises, elite talents, business executives, industry leaders, etc.,gathered together and take totally.

5. Competing forthe industry leader, tapping the innovation power of the industry, commendingthe industry leaders, highlighting the strength and style of the company

Top 10 of Excellent Overseas Warehouse Enterprises

Top 10 Brands of Cross-border E-commerce Products

Annual Star Enterprise of Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Services

Annual Star Enterprise of Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Services

Top 10 of Cross-border E-commerce Outstanding Leaders

Annual Star Enterprise of Internet Marketing Service Providers

Annual Excellent IoTs Products

Annual Excellent IoTs Solutions

Annual Star Enterprise of 5G and Cloud Technology

6. The 5th Shenzhen International Cross-Border E-Commerce Exhibition and Cross-Border E-Commerce Selections Conference – from the initial cross-border e-commerce exclusive supplies factory product display to the active participation of cross-border e-commerce platforms and sellers, let cross-border e-commerce sellers connect with the suppliers manufacturers at zero distance, find the specific and most cost-effective best sellers, learn the latest industry information, find the most suitable business partners, and the large-scale quality cross-border e-commerce service providers on site can provide one-stop all-round services to serve for cross-border e-commerce.

7. Forums & Summits, famous people gathered: Focus on the hot issues and topics of Cross-border E-commerce, Practical experience sharing, high-end business matching, leading representatives of corporate executives together, it’s a global industry event that cannot be missed.

8. Multiple product application experiences, product conferences, etc. make the audience and purchasers more directly understand the latest products and technologies of the enterprise, and enhance the sense of on-site interaction.

9. Digital & Strong Promotion for exhibitors: you will have the opportunity to obtain various advertising resources for free (Live broadcasting for interview, Logo on signs, Logo displayed on the Forums, Video carousels, Flyers in the forum data bag ) , offline / online advertising ( Exhibition Catalogue, invitations and other printed materials, EDM E-mail to visitors, official website / WeChat Subscription / Sina micro-blog / Self-media channels, etc. all-year corporate news free promotion), 10-15 minutes of speech time , new product release and many other value-added services.

Strong Promotion and
Media Cooperation
1. Big data intelligent application: With the helpof its own huge global professional audience database of more than 800000, whichvertical various industries and fields, though multi-channel (e-invitation through the self-built more than 200 Wechat groups, official micro-blog, QQ groups and other social media promotion, customized EDM emailpush) to accurate push;

2. Pre-exhibition short video promotion, releasedsynchronously on domestic and overseas major mainstream short video platforms, and e- invitation are in the form of mobile posters such as H5,make full use of professional social media to vertically promote.

3. More than 200 domestic professional media,self-media, WeChat public number, and well-known microblogs will carry outall-round publicity and reporting, before the exhibition, during the exhibitionand after the exhibition, the relevant forum activities and typical exhibitorsduring the Expo will be reported, nearly 1 million news exposures.

4. One-to-one high-quality invitations: Targetedexecutives with decision-making powers and relevant department heads asprofessional visitors to attend. Matching with the target buyers according tothe needs of exhibitors in advance, providing seamless and accurate docking forboth the supply and demand sides;

5. Strong alliance, cooperation with powerfulinstitutions: Through cooperation with more than 50 business associations andprofessional media organizations in various industries throughout the country,especially in the Pearl River Delta region, VIP purchasing delegations fromconsumer electronics, intelligent manufacturing, food, furniture, gifts andtoys, machinery, clothing and apparel, bags, building materials, lamps andlanterns, e-commerce and other industries with logistics needs are invited tovisit;

6. Cover more than 100 professional media and morethan 30 mainstream media (including magazines, newspapers, websites,self-media, Weibo V, WeChat public account, etc.) to form a mature network andreport coverage in all directions;

7. Invite more than 100multinational companies, large state-owned enterprise procurement leaders tovisit, purchase and negotiate business, and face-to-face exchange views withprocurement decision-makers;

8. Offline, through participating in more than 10countries and regions such as Germany, the United States, France, Russia, Japanand Hong Kong, China, and more than 20 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Dongguan, Foshan,Zhongshan, Shantou, Wuhan and Xi’an, as well as nearly 50 similar or relatedindustry exhibitions, summits and forums in Shenzhen, to introduce theexhibition at a multi-level, multilingual, all-round, extensive and in-depthlevel.

9. Based on domestic, radiate theworld: 13 overseas offices, closely linked with foreign professional industryassociations and more than 40 cooperation agencies. Through the United States,Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and other 20 countries andregions of the international media, a wide range, multi-angle promotion iscarried out;

To read more about CIEFAIR 2020 China visit : http://www.ciefair.com/en/


September 23 @ 10:00 am
September 25 @ 6:00 pm
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Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association China